Prayer curriculum

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    How to Use AOH's Deliverance Prayers

    • AOH Heavenly Trades Agreement Updated 2024

    • Renunciation Agreement Revised

    • Instructions for how to use AOH's deliverance and healing prayers

    • Instructions for How to Use AOH's deliverance and healing prayers

    • Intellectual Property Disclaimer

  • 3

    Deep Level Deliverance

    • Deep Level Deliverance from COVID

    • Deliverance Manifestations

    • Updates & Our Authority

  • 4

    Technological Support

    • COH Prayer against Technological Problems

    • COH Prayer against Psychotronic Attacks

  • 5

    Maintaining your freedom

    • How long do the Prayers Take to Get Results

    • Tips on how to get your breakthrough

    • There are 3 parts involved in getting a full breakthrough

    • COH Prayer against Cursed Objects

    • Guided Prayer for Removing Cursed Objects

    • Guided Prayer for Removing Cursed Objects

    • Holding Thoughts Captive

    • COH Contempt of Court Prayer 2.0

    • If you're still getting attacked

  • 6

    Bonus: Guided Prayer to Renewing Your Mind & Holding Thoughts Captive

    • 11 minutes

    • Renewing the Mind Worksheet

We believe in heavenly trading and scriptural blessings. When you purchase anything from AOH you are not only receiving deliverance but you are receiving the scriptural blessing attached to the purchase. May Jehovah God bless you abundantly through these prayers.

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