About the instructors

Alexandria & Anne

Alexandria Gonzales is a firm believer that God is good and takes better care of His beloved children than how Satan takes care of his minions. For this reason, Alexandria believes that God still speaks to us. That God still heals us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That God still raises the dead. That God still delivers people. That God still does signs, wonders, and miracles and all of the other things that God has said and done in the Bible.

Anne Latour Anne Latour is a survivor of generational DID, abuse and programming; she is a warrior, an exorcist, a deliverance minister, and an advocate in the courts of heaven. She does not back down from a challenge – especially witchcraft. Raised in a home environment fronting Christianity, but behind the scenes, darkness loomed. It wasn’t until after her deliverance that the light of Jesus Christ was shone on her family’s involvement in the occult. DID was exposed along with many family secrets. Through the process of deliverance and inner healing, Anne was able to overcome strongholds of programming, sexual sin, drugs, counterfeit relationships and much more. Many soul & spirit fragments were saved from regions of captivity, enabling her to walk into her purpose and destiny. 


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